The MCA’s Disability Action Plan in action

The Bella Room at the MCA

Have you ever heard of the Bella Program? It’s a brilliant idea from the MCA that provides children with disabilities credible opportunities to explore and make art.

The Bella Program has been in operation for over five years and this year featured the artist collective Brown Council who transformed the Bella Room into an immersive and interactive performance ‘funhouse’. The space was rendered part absurdist theatre, part land of children’s TV providing sensory stimulation and actively generating creative opportunities for young people with specific needs. It’s a place to get mixed up with glue, covered in paint, sing, dance and watch the action. It’s a bright and colourful space, welcoming to all!

With the guidance of the Artist Educators the Bella Program offers hands-on art making using a range of media, a chance to build new skills and guided visits to MCA exhibitions!

With a number of great art making incentives under its belt the MCA, along with its generous partners is now looking to review its delivery of disability access through a survey into its Disability Action Plan.

In other words they want a bigger slice of the action! They’re motivated and ready to hear your ideas about how to improve services and expand their audiences and have designed this online survey to reap the information. 

Go on, let them know what you need!

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