Anticipating change in cultural/heritage sites – a keynote address by Franklin Vagnone

Franklin Vagnone, renowned historian and “Historic House Anarchist”, was recently in Sydney for two days of public programs. The result of a partnership between Sydney Living Museums, Museums & Galleries of NSW and the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, these programs allowed heritage and museum staff and volunteers the opportunity to learn from one of America’s most influential public historians.

On Tuesday 11 October Franklin Vagnone presented Anticipating change in cultural/heritage sites, a keynote address at the Museum Of Sydney. 

He was kind enough to allow us to document his presentation and make it available online.



Franklin Vagnone, with a strong background in anthropology, and the creative arts (Architecture, Design, Sculpture), is a Public Historian who has been labeled a “domestic-archeo-anthropologist”. He has over 25 years of transformational leadership in non-profit management, financial oversight, fundraising, strategic planning, board relationships, award-winning cultural program and creative place-making development. His work experience includes a spectrum of organisations ranging from independent, private organisations, to complex government and private multiple-agreement stakeholders. 

Under his leadership, recognition has been expressed through; 2015 Individual Achievement Award, two Lucy G. Moses awards from the New York Landmarks Conservancy, Award of Excellence from the Greater Hudson Heritage Network, Award of Merit from Museum Association of New York Award, and a Grand Jury Medal from The Philadelphia Preservation Alliance.

Franklin moderates an international discussion group – The Anarchist Guide to Historic House Museums, maintains the Cultural Consulting firm – Twisted Preservation, and a blog, including the “ONE NIGHT STAND” series, which to date, has readers in over 85 countries. He has co-authored a book with Deborah Ryan about innovative concepts for cultural sites.

For more information on Franklin, visit
Twitter: @FranklinVagnone

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