Want to work with us to bring your stories to Storyplace?


Storyplace frequently hears from museums and galleries and other custodians of collections from across the state to ask, how can we bring stories to Storyplace? To date we have relied on grant funding from Create NSW to resource developing the Storyplace website and its content. To do this we have also partnered with regional galleries, museums, and cultural centres who are digitising. Given the many steps involved in bringing stories to Storyplace, we cannot operate without direct funding. However, we are open to working in various ways to support volunteer and paid organisations to develop new Storyplace content.

If you have a suggested approach which you think could result in new Storyplace stories, or would like to support us, don’t hesitate to get in contact by emailing Storyplace’s Project Manager, Kate Gahan at kateg@mgnsw.org.au