Margot Jolly

I’ve been working in museums for the last 20 years beginning with volunteering as a guide while completing a Museum Studies Diploma at Sydney University. I spent 10 years working for the Sydney Living Museums (formerly HHT), experiencing each of their 13 properties and in turn gained experience in managing most aspects of an historic property and a museum.

I have hands-on experience in several areas including collection management, conservation cleaning and storage and interpretation and exhibition development. During my time with Sydney Living Museums I developed skills in developing education programs, role play programs and tour presentations and worked in the area of volunteer training and management as well as strategic planning and curatorial management.

Over the last eight years I have build a consultancy in the regional central west area, working with volunteer museums and local government.

Personal statement

I love working with small museums and volunteers. The possibilities are great and it’s always an enjoyable process to work with communities of people who are keen to safe guard their stories and present them in an educative and engaging way for the rest of us.