Sense of Place



Sense of Place featured the work of eight Australian artists united by their exploration of the boundaries of national identity, cultural propriety and social paradigms, all through the medium of moving image. Organised by dLux MediaArts, Sense of Place included artists Kate Murphy, Justin Shoulder, Sarah Goffman, John A Douglas, Brendan Lee, Laith McGregor, Darren Sylvester and Liam Benson.

The exhibition examined what makes an Australian, what is an Australian identity and how does the physical landscape affect our social landscape and sense of place. What is a domestic landscape and how do Australian artists reflect their experiences and sensibilities through screen based mediums?

With the works shown sequentially, one at a time, as an annual screening series, the exhibition provided an accessible entry point for audiences new to video art while also offering a year long program of thought provoking content to viewers already familiar with the moving image.



Raglan Art Gallery, NSW                         

20 June 2012 – 4 December 2012

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, NSW

27 April 2012 – 30 June 2013

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, NSW

20 July 2012 – 1 September 2013

Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, QLD

28 February 2012 – 27 January 2013

Pinnacles Gallery, QLD

7 October 2013 – 17 November 2013





A dLux MediaArts exhibition toured by Museums & Galleries of NSW.