Wagga Wagga Railway Heritage Museum

We’re preserving our local rail history so that school children, rail enthusiasts, visitors, families can visit and enjoy it with us!

We have an active volunteer workforce of current and former railway employees who look after our treasured assets.

Drop in and see us, the museum is located on the historic Wagga Wagga Railway Station platform.

Wagga Wagga Railway Heritage Museum opened in 2009. We aim to:

  • Preserve railway heritage equipment, records and assets
  • Present the collection of heritage assets
  • Maintain experienced railway volunteers
  • Provide enjoyable visitor experiences for children, travellers, families and interested groups
  • Build relationships with other railway organisations and institutions
  • Promote local tourism
  • Share and lend objects for special displays
  • Initiate school excursions with local and regional schools
  • Propose a regional museum trail with local and other regional towns


Contact & Visit

Wagga Wagga Railway Heritage Museum
Wagga Wagga Railway Station
Wagga Wagga

0269 323 151 or 0421 590 252

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Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday
11:00 am to 2:00 pm