Turkish Bath Museum

Visiting the Turkish Bath Museum is a unique experience. Located in the grounds of the Wynstay Estate then known as Yarrawa, the property was the first to be established in Mt Wilson in 1875.

The Turkish Bath is excellent example of late Victorian architecture with polychrome brickwork and Italianate details.

Built by Richard Wynne; first Mayor of Burwood NSW and the benefactor of the Wynne Art Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW. Wynne was an assisted migrant from Dublin in 1842 and is described on the ship’s manifest as a bricklayer–according to family tradition Wynne himself made the dark red bricks in the building from local clay.

It’s thought that he built the Turkish bathhouse in the 1880s for his wife Mary Ann for therapeutic reasons rather than religious ones.

The museum is open to the public approximately twice a month. Come and enjoy hearing about the building from experienced local guides.

A must-see destination for your itinerary!

Contact & Visit

Turkish Bath Museum
Corner of the Avenue and Mount Irvine Road
Mt Wilson
Opening Hours

12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
check their webpage for specific days