Sisters of Charity Heritage Centre & Archives

The Sisters of Charity Heritage Centre is a welcoming and warm story-telling place, connecting visitors to the history and charism of the Sisters.

Through a display of the history of the Congregation and the ministries of the Sisters, the exhibition displays the Sisters’ service to the community and reflects their ongoing work in health, education, and community outreach in the service of the sick and poor.

The exhibition includes a Fourth Vow digital immersive, a contemporary snapshot of Australians living with disadvantage or facing challenges in their lives. Visitors are invited to navigate a series of pathways and choices. It is a unique storytelling experience, challenging the notion of the deserving poor and encouraging participants to consider how they may be an agent of change within their communities.

Visitors are also encouraged to visit the reflective courtyard and St Vincent’s Chapel. The courtyard is a quiet, peaceful area for personal reflection, whilst the Chapel is both historically significant and has a continued role in the contemporary ministry of the Sisters.

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Sisters of Charity Heritage Centre & Archives
1 Rockwall Crescent
Potts Point
NSW 2011

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