Museum of Antiquities

The Museum of Antiquities at the University of New England is one of the only regional ancient history and archaeology museums in Australia.


Established as the ‘Classics Museum’ in 1959, the Museum contains an excellent selection of antiquities from the ancient Mediterranean and the Near East. The jewels in the Collection are the James Rivers Barrington Stewart Collection of Cypriot artefacts dating from the Stone Age to the Medieval and the newly donated Pella Collection of Early Bronze Age IV to Abbasid Caliphate ceramics from University of Sydney excavations in Pella, Jordan. The Museum also holds objects and ethnographic material from Australia, South East Asia, New Guinea, the Pacific islands, Mesoamerica and Africa.


The Museum of Antiquities supports the teaching and research interests of UNE staff and students and of scholars worldwide. It also promotes the interest and engagement of the broader community in the histories of peoples through the ages.

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