Jindera Pioneer Museum

The first German settlers arrived in the Jindera area in 1867, having trecked from Adelaide in horse drawn wagons. Before they arrived, probably in the 1840s, a small wattle and daub hut was built just off the main track through town. This hut still stands at the site of the Jindera Pioneer Museum, and probably is the oldest remaining cottage or house in the Albury District.

In 1874 Mr Johann Rosler and Mr Peter Wagner built a store and three room residence on this same site. It became known as Wagner’s Store.

The Jindera Pioneer and Historical Society was formed in 1967. They purchased Wagner’s Store, the residence, and the grounds around the wattle and daub hut, and restored them to their original condition. They are now proud to present this museum and its‘ contents to you, a collection of articles, furniture, household goods and machinery, gathered into a truly original and historic setting of old world architecture  and charm.

As you walk through the fully furnished general store and residence, wander down to the Pioneer Slab Hut and the original wattle and daub cottage, and then on to the huge machinery shed with its’ large collection of farm machinery and equipment, the committee hopes that you can imagine life as it was lived in those early days, and that you gain a picture of those difficult, sometimes happy, but often heartbreaking times.

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