Headlie Taylor Header and Blacksmith Shop, Henty


The town of Henty has seen its fair share of innovative machinery, with Henty playing host to the machine of the year award at the annual field days, but no invention has surpassed that of the local Headlie Taylor’s Header.

Taylor’s Header revolutionized the grain industry worldwide and dubbed Henty the ‘home of the header’. Hugh McKay’s Stripper Harvester was invented in 1880s, but the stripper harvester had trouble picking up grain crops that were down and so emerged Headlie Taylor with his Header Harvester in 1914.

His harvester was debuted at the Henty Show to much excitement among farmers. The header harvester ‘lifted’ the heads of damaged crops to collect grain that would otherwise be lost. The header harvester soon replaced the aging Stripper Harvester, and began the trend of bulk handling of wheat in Australia. This agricultural innovation has been commemorated by the Headlie Taylor Header and Blacksmith Museum in Henty. Guided tours are available by appointment. 

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