Golden Era Piano Museum

Due To Renovations During March
The Museum Will Be Open By Appointment Only
Ph: 0407 495 055.  

The Golden Era Piano Museum formerly in Neville NSW has now reopened to the public at 152 Percy Street Wellington, NSW. Open each weekend from 10 am until 4 pm Saturdays and 10 am until 3 pm Sundays, come and enjoy a unique experience.
After our “Official Opening” TBA, we will be open Thursdays to Sunday.

Located in the heart of the beautiful City of Wellington NSW , opposite Cameron Park and the Bell river,  the Golden Era Piano Museum is the only Piano museum in Australia.

It’s the perfect venue to learn more about pianos and their history.  A living museum, visitors can hear instruments in fully guided tours available weekends and by appointment weekdays.

“The Golden Era”

Around the turn of the nineteenth century during a period of prosperity the mechanism or action of the pianoforte, was finally perfected by Sebastien Erard and patented in 1821.

Called a “Double Escapement” action, it is the fastest repetition action in the world and still used in all grand pianos today. A turning point, “it was now possible to play from the most delicate work to the most complex passages.”   During the “Golden Era”, as one of the only sources of music in the home at that time, the domestic importance of the Piano was at its peak, the wealthy commissioned bespoke, hand crafted Art cased pianos as visible status symbols to stand as centerpieces in a room. International competitions were held to award ” Golden Medallions ” to the best makers.  This wonderful period of piano supremacy lasted from approximately the 1820’s to 1914 ending with the commencement of the first world war, electrification and the mass production of simplified pianos.

The Pianos in the “Golden Era Piano museum are by those brilliant and innovative makers who achieved Golden Medallions. The amazing craftsmanship demonstrated in these pianos reflect the peak of piano making and stand as monuments to the position the piano held in social history.


The Museum is open Thursday – Sunday, from 10 am. until 4 pm.

General Admission to view the collection of over 45 historic keyboard instruments,

Adults $15.00 Children $7.50.  Under 5’s are free

WEEKEND GUIDED TOURS: Available Weekends at 11 am and 1 pm during summer and 1 pm during winter. In Guided Tours Visitors hear a variety of these amazing instruments and learn “How a bow and arrow became the King of Strings”, a history of the piano.

The guided tour takes a little over one hour. Group Size of up to 50 visitors.

$25.00 for Adults $12.50 for Children. Under 5’s are free.

WEEKDAY PRIVATE GUIDED TOURS:  Guided tours are available by appointment bookings on weekdays. The Guided Tour allows  Visitors to hear these amazing instruments and learn “How a bow and arrow became the King of Strings”, a history of the piano. The tour takes a little over an hour. Group Size: No less than four adults and up to 50 to 75 visitors.
Call for pricing.

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Golden Era Piano Museum
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Entry Fees

General Admission
to view the collection of over 40 historic keyboard instruments
Adults $15.00
Children $7.50 and under 5's free  

Opening Hours

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Also Open Public Holidays