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4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (4A) is a pioneer organisation dedicated to Asian-Australian contemporary art established in 1996 at the outset of the international development of this field.

4A works with diverse Asian and Australian artists. Our artistic program positions Australia as part of a critical discussion reflective of the many shifts towards Asia that are occurring throughout all levels of society. Our perspective speaks globally about the cultural, social and economic transformations occurring in the region, whilst considering Australia’s unique culture, history and social make-up that has occurred through migration. We believe that Asian cultural thinking will have an important impact on the future and so 4A’s aim is to ensure contemporary visual art plays a central role in understanding the dynamic relationship between Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Each year 4A presents exhibitions, touring and off-site projects, hosts international and emerging artists, manages international residencies, partners with major festivals and initiates public programs including artists' talks, lectures and educational workshops and delivers a separate Member’s Program. 

4A activities are constantly developing through the research and insight of a dedicated and knowledgeable board and staff. Importantly, with networks established across Asia, 4A creates real opportunities and pathways for Australian art in the region.


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181-187 Hay Street
Haymarket, NSW 2000

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Tuesday- Saturday

11:00 to 18:00 (Closed public holidays.)

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