Lake Mac GLAM – The Evolution of Libraries

20 Aug 2024.

This event will discuss how public libraries can remain relevant and engaging in an era of changing community priorities.

The event will explore how libraries can continue driving consumer demand and will cover topics including readership trends, digitisation and technology, and community relevance and engagement. It will also examine the promotion of education and literacy, access and equity, and sustainability and environmental impact.

The event will explore:

  • The future of Libraries and what can we learn from our international counterparts
  • Libraries as hybrid venues
  • Recreational leisure – are libraries entertainment?
  • The impact of outreach programs on engagement
  • What does a library member look like? Changing readership trends, diversity and demand.

Ticketing information:

$70 professional (plus booking fee)

$50 volunteer/student (plus booking fee)

Triple the GLAM: Professional $190 (save $20), volunteer $140 (save $10) – plus booking fee

Please note: The three sessions can be purchased as a package, but can be attended by different representatives from your organisation. Names and dietary requirements of attendees can be provided closer to the date.

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