Click – Arts business training for regional creatives

01 Aug - 31 Oct 2022

Regional Arts NSW is proud to present our first series of Click, our arts business professional development training for regional creatives. Developed by regional practitioners and arts-workers for regional creatives, the presenters on Click will give regional perspectives on professional creative practice. RANSW’s Click sessions cover a wide range of areas relevant to those aiming to work in the arts and creative industries.

You can book into either our August series: Arts, regional practice and the big picture, our September series: Marketing and selling your creative work, or our October series: Managing your creative business. Or you can book in for all three series.

Whether it’s the August, September or October series, when you book into a series you will have access to four Monday evening sessions on Zoom from 5.30pm to 7pm. Each week a different topic will be covered with guest presenters who have expertise in the field. You will be able to ask questions or make comments in the chat box and be part of a cohort of creatives from across regional NSW.

A one month series costs $55 with a concession price of $30. This covers all four of that month’s sessions. If you chose to book into all three monthly short courses you will have access to 12 sessions in total with a discounted price of $115 for all the sessions, or $65 concession.

Most sessions will be recorded and stored on the cloud, subject to agreement with the presenters. That way if you miss one of your sessions or your regional internet lets you down, you can still be given access to that material through either the recording or the session notes.

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