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Shepparton Art Museum

SMA work on tourism development, providing our clients with unbiased, frank advice and strategic choices designed to protect or establish long-term sustainability of businesses and destinations. We focus on four key areas of the tourism environment:
1. Diagnosis and planning
2. Reinvigoration and development
3. Marketing
4. Monitoring and adaptive management

Our core strength is in developing innovative experiential product that reflects specific target market needs to strengthen the competitive advantage. Our team is totally capable of being creative and analytical at the same time – we generate innovative experiences and can test and verify their strength.

We specialise in the ecotourism, cultural tourism, First Nations and agritourism sectors. We have been directly responsible for funding, developing and operating tourism businesses. So we practice what we preach. Many of our clients retain us into the medium term to help guide them through the development and soft launch phases.


1. Pre-Feasibility Study to develop the World Cultural Tourism Village, NSW (former Old Sydney Town), 2024
2. Arts and Cultural Tourism Strategy for Wollongong, 2021
3 Feasibility Study for new Warrnambool Art Gallery, 2021
4. Business Case for a Museum of Chinese in Australia, 2019
5. Feasibility Assessment and Business Case for new Shepparton Art Museum, 2016

Jane McArthur
Tea Gardens
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