A word about our Storytellers

Earlier in this newsletter we heard from Fiona Starr. Fiona is one of thirteen different Storytellers who have written or produced video content for Storyplace to date. Having many and diverse ‘voices’ on Storyplace is one of our strongest aspirations, and we have some way to go with respect to ensuring we reach our desired goal.

But with one key funding phase of the Storyplace project closing and another beginning, we wanted to give special thanks to the Storytellers we have worked with to date. These include: Annie Stevens, Michelle Montgomery, Laura Barling, Bren Donnellan, Andy Muir, Fiona Starr, Amy Hammond, Maxine Darnell, Nicola Teffer, Megan Cardamone, Madeleine Hawkins and Renae Mason.

We look forward to introducing some new Storytellers in the coming newsletters.