Sydney Museums Pass

Whether you’re a Sydney local or visiting for a few days, the Sydney museums pass is the definitely the best way to dig deep into the city's rich history.

You can access four of the city’s top museums, and save over 50% on regular admission fees with the Sydney Museums Pass.

Hyde Park Barracks Museum highlights everything from punishment, entertainment and the awful living conditions of the scoundrels and unfortunates who found themselves clapped in irons and working at Her Majesty's Pleasure. If you think Hyde Park Barracks is about bad characters than take a look at the Justice & Police Museum; the best place to unveil the filthy underbelly of criminal Sydney. 

Museum of Sydney is the perfect introduction to the colonial city's past. Here you can explore the people, places and cultures that have made Sydney such a cosmopolitan city.

Last on the list is Susannah Place Museum capturing 170 years of history and over a timeline of over 100 typical hardworking families who lived in The Rocks with a visit to these four working-class terraces built in 1844.

If it all sounds a bit much, don't despair. The Sydney Museums Pass is valid for 3 months from date of purchase.

You can buy The Sydney Museums Pass from any one of these museums and it costs only 18 bucks for an adult (9 for a child or concession).

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The four properties are managed by Sydney Living Museums. 

Museums & Galleries of NSW helps small-medium museums, galleries and Aboriginal cultural centres create exciting experiences for visitors and, through this, thriving local NSW communities. We don't run museums, galleries and cultural centres but we care about those who do. We develop their skills, connect them with others in the industry, provide funding, point visitors their way, and give them access to ground-breaking exhibitions.

Museums & Galleries of NSW is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

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