Paddock trails: Deniliquin to Hay

The Long Paddock – Cobb Highway touring route follows the length of the Cobb Highway (610 km) from Echuca Moama on the Victorian border through to Wilcannia in the north. One part of this incredible journey is the 125 km stretch from Deniliquin to Hay. 

In Deniliquin you can find ‘what’s on’ and take a look at the Peppin Heritage Centre which presents the history of the merino and a well-articulated agricultural perspective on the region. They have a good mix of local exhibitions and contemporary shows like the Bald Archies and Art Express. Also, not to be missed is the giant bullock’s shoe sculpture ’Shod’.

Back this up with a visit to the Deniliquin and District Historical Society Museum. They’re custodians of the some of the stories of the Long Paddock stock route and spending an hour there gives you a nice snapshot of the past. 

Then journey north along the Cobb Highway to Hay, where you will find not one but five museums to visit! Hay’s political and social history has left a grand legacy of argicultural, military and unique local stories. Follow this trail to see the best of Hay's heritage buildings. Highlights include the Hay Gaol Museum, the Witcombe Fountain, and Bishops Lodge Historic House and Garden. The Dunera Museum at Hay Railway Station: Hay Internment and POW Camps Interpretive Centre and Hay War Memorial High School Museum both provide fascinating insights into the role of Hay and the Griffith area in both world wars.

Your final stop has to be Shear Outback. This exhibition space uses contemporary design and cutting edge technology to tell the story of Australian sheep shearing. You'll meet the shearers, shed hands, cooks, cockies and dogs and even try your hand at shearing a sheep.

Of course Hay isn't just history, its part of a large pastoral community and you'll find the main street buzzing with activity. For accomodation go to Visit NSW. To see the broad cultural snapshot go to the South West Arts website. 

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