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Is the hustle and bustle of the city getting too much for you? Would you rather be where people look at canvas rather than touch-screens? Do you often find yourself wishing that you had never lost the missing ‘flux capacitor’ of your DeLorean DMC-12, so you can go back in time and enjoy a simpler life in Australia’s Blue Mountains?

Then this trail is the perfect for you!

The National Trust is responsible for refurbishing donated properties and assets to their original state, immersing visitors into the status and era that the owners once lived in. There are four of these such properties in the Blue Mountains, which have been maintained in such good condition that you’ll swear you’ve travelled back in time.

When travelling from Sydney in your road-DeLorean, take the Great Western Highway up to the Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum and discover the Magic Pudding creator’s artworks in the same place where he created them.

If you then head just 15 minutes down Railway Parade you’ll find Woodford Academy. Having operated as a variety of establishments, the sandstone buildings are an architectural delight and are the oldest in the area.

Another 20 minutes down the A32 you’ll find the gorgeous Everglades Historic House & Gardens, where you can spend all afternoon getting lost down the winding paths and drinking tea with the spectacular views of the Jamison Valley.

If you’ve come this far and the sun’s still up, it’d be well worth your time, visiting Miss Ida Traill’s House and Garden to gather a real glimpse at what Australian life was like decades ago.

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