Museums Australia

Established in 1993, Museums Australia is an advocate for museums and galleries, their collections and the people who work in them. The association is a national membership body working through a network of state and territory branches, Special Interest Groups (SIGs),the national office and an elected Council.

The two primary functions of Museums Australia are advocacy to government, (informed by research and consultation) and support for high standards of professional practice.

Museums Australia is the national organisation for the museums sector, committed to the conservation, continuation and communication of Australia’s heritage.

As a non-government, non-profit body, Museums Australia promotes museum sector development, articulates ethical standards, facilitates training, advances knowledge, addresses issues, and raises public awareness through its national and international networks.

Museums Australia’s vision is for natural and cultural heritage to be valued, sustained and communicated as it represents the shared histories, heritage and identities of all Australians.


What MA National Does

Information about our lobbying activities.

MA is partnered with several national and international organisations, the benefits of which we can pass on to you, our members.

MAPDAMAGNA and other awards championed by MA.

E-Bulletins, Jobs Listings, Events and maNexus are services offered by MA. MA Magazine is published quarterly.

National Policy Development
Practical guidelines to assist museums and museum staff deal with contemporary issues.

National Standards and Accreditation
Find out about museum development programs and other activities related to museum standards.

Professional Development
Provides details of the professional development programs conducted by some of the Museums Australia branches.


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