Interns can transform your organisation

Internships can addess skill development and training needs in a number of ways.

From a student’s perspective, they provide work experience in the chosen field, and fulfil course requirements in professional development aeas.

But they also offer organisations significant opportunities.

Intern programs between universities and the museum and gallery sector, allow small organisations to connect and engage with specialised skills without having to pay for them.

They provide a chance to learn new skills, rethink ways of doing things and refresh ideas about your audience, displays, and programs.


So over the next few months, we’ll be adding more information to this resource, so you can have access to what each university offers, along with their perquisites.

To start you off, here’s some information about Macquarie University.


PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) PROGRAM: MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY

The PACE program connects organisations with university students to work on projects to provide them with community-based experiential learning opportunities. Students get real life experience in the field they are studying and the partner organisation gets the benefit of the student’s skills, knowledge and creativity.

For example, you may have collection of photographs that you’d like to digitise but not know where to start. A PACE student could assist with developing a digitisation plan, collating images, making digital copies, saving the digital copies and recording the data that will make them accessible, entering data into a database etc.


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