Historian (Walking tours)

The National Art School is keen to develop guided walking tours for the public which encompass the history of the site and the surrounding area of Darlinghurst. We would like to commission a historian to prepare two guided walking tours. We expect to develop lively and engaging tours with the idea of being on the ‘edge’ of Sydney, with an overarching concept such as ‘Art meets Bohemia’.

Tour 1: focussed on the National Art School (Darlinghurst Gaol)
Tour 2: encompassing NAS and the surrounding streets of Darlinghurst
The consultant is expected to identify the cultural and heritage significance of destinations relating to the history of Darlinghurst Gaol, the National Art School and the Darlinghurst precinct. Artists and authors involved in the art school that lived in the area including William Dobell, Rosaleen Norton, Wallace Thornton and Mary Gilmore and they should be included in the tours. The NAS will supply a list of known places of interest to be considered for inclusion in the walk. The National Art School will be responsible for sourcing images used and clearing copyright.

Outline of Project:

identify appropriate images that could be utilised on the walks
develop a route
prepare a marked-up map of the route
write a script to be delivered by a guide
each walk is expected to be 90 minutes in length
factor in at least two site meetings with the National Art School Archivist
testing the walk and modifications based on feedback
final proposal to be supplied as a Microsoft Word document
tours to commence in Spring 2020 subject to Government regulations around COVID-19

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