Exhibition Designer

Orange Regional Museum is seeking an experienced and collaborative exhibition designer to undertake the design of a permanent/long-term exhibition exploring the history of Orange and district.

Taking inspiration from the British Museum’s History of the World in 100 Objects, the exhibition will highlight objects and intangible cultural heritage material that exemplifies or is linked to significant narratives of the region.

The exhibition will explore the history of the region and its people through objects and stories, presenting multiple interpretations for each object with the aim of surprising and challenging visitors, providing them with alternative perspectives alongside the established narrative.

Linking content to education requirements and providing fresh and engaging approaches to museum-based story-telling, the exhibition will place the audience and their interaction with the content at the centre of the experience.

The exhibition designer will be required to liaise with a range of stakeholders from within the project team, including the exhibition curator, project manager, Museum and Orange City Council staff. Museum staff will work alongside the exhibition designer to have input, provide assistance and resources where required.

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