Code of Practice Writer Call-out

The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is currently undertaking a major revision of its Code of Practice and aims to develop a comprehensive and accessible resource by employing a ‘payment-for-consultation’ model that centres the diversity of our arts communities and pays them directly as advisers, designers and co-authors.

Selected writers will draft short discussion papers and contribute to draft sections of the Code. There are opportunities for a number of writers to contribute to the following sections of the new Code:

  • Exhibiting: Loans, touring, festivals
  • Selling: Commercial galleries and art fairs, hiring space
  • Commissioning and funding: Commissioning new work, temporary public art, funding
  • Artist self organisation: ARIs, collectives and cooperatives, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Centres
  • Awards, prizes and competitions
  • Residencies, studios, workshops and education
  • Principles, ethics and rights: First Nations, accessibility, cultural diversity, gender equity, freedom of expression
Successful applicants will receive:
  • A verbal and written brief for the section they are to write
  • A deadline
  • Feedback on a first draft
  • Payment of 90c / word