Heritage Near Me Incentives program

The Heritage Near Me incentives program has been developed to complement current State Heritage funding programs. It provides funding opportunities and support directly to owners and managers of local heritage items.

Three new funding opportunities

The Heritage Near Me Incentives program runs from 2016 – 2019. There is $16 million available in funding over the life of the program. The three grant stream opportunities are: Heritage Activation Grants, Heritage Green Energy Grants and Local Heritage Strategic Projects Grants.

Visit the Heritage Grants page for more information on the NSW Heritage Council grants.


Heritage Activation Grants

The Heritage Activation Grants are available for projects designed to increase public enjoyment of local heritage, such as physical works for public access, public programming, strategy development and business planning. Applications will only be accepted from owners and managers of heritage items that are listed on Local Environmental Plans (LEPs).

Funding opportunities will open each financial year for the life of the program.


Heritage Green Energy Grants

The Heritage Green Energy Grants are available to:

  • Owners or managers of heritage buildings that are listed as a heritage item on a council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) or on the State Heritage Register (SHR). You can check if a site is listed as a heritage item by visiting the NSW Planning Portal, or by contacting your local council.
  • Successful participants of an OEH energy efficiency training course.


The OEH Heritage Green Energy Grants program recognises that energy efficiency can be more difficult to achieve for heritage items because building age, materials, type of construction, size, shape and site orientation all play a role in how heritage buildings perform.

The Heritage Green Energy Grants program complements OEH’s Energy Management Services (EMS) program. Applicants for a Heritage Green Energy Grant need to complete a training program through the EMS program before submitting an application.


Local Heritage Strategic Projects
Expressions of Interest are invited from owners and managers of local heritage items, local councils and organisations who are seeking support for projects and programs that will enhance and protect local heritage assets and values, either through minor works conservation projects, community-based events and activities, or the development of innovative heritage processes, strategies and plans.

The Heritage Near Me Roadshow Team will work closely with all successful applicants to this program to develop detailed project plans with a view to further collaboration in the implementation stage.


The Local Heritage Strategic Projects program is open year round, subject to available funding.

FUNDING AVAILABLE: From $10,000 to $100,000 per project.


Visit the Heritage Near Me Incentives program page