Alaska Projects


Alaska Projects is a Sydney based Artist Run Initiative established to exhibit contemporary visual art in unused or disused spaces. Alaska’s first project was to establish a project space in a forgotten mechanic’s office located in the basement of a Kings Cross car park. 

The project space measures a mere 5×5 metres and features a concrete floor with an original yellow parking bay line splitting it in two. It has been designed as a modular white cube space that artists are free to embrace or dramatically alter to create immersive environments for their work. 

The Car Park project has been conceived to operate beyond the white cube of the project space with exhibition elements devised to occur in other areas of the car park including stairwells, elevators and common areas. As such, Alaska welcomes submissions for exhibitions and in particular works that could be realised in the car park beyond the project space. 


Getting There
9A Elizabeth Bay Rd
Level 2 Kings Cross Car Park
Elizabeth Bay

Opening Hours

Sunday, Saturday
1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Or by appointment.