Personal Best

8 November - 15 December 2018

Image courtesy of the artist: Amber Boardman, Glamour Machine, 2018, Oil on canvas, 153 × 122 cm.

Personal Best
110%, Amber Boardman, JD Reforma, Kate Mitchell, Min Wong, Sara Morawetz, & Will French

Originally, a personal best was a sporting term, describing the greatest achievement one had ever had. Now it could be argued that achieving one’s personal best is an underlying motivation for every action we take. This exhibition asks the question—what is it about the human condition that makes us push ourselves to be faster, higher and stronger and how does ‘wellness’ fit into this dialogue? While the pressure to be successful in the era of Capitalism isn’t new, the exhibition looks at how we view achievement today, when now more than ever the the cult of the winner is revered.

Personal Best has been curated by the Verge team and features artists 110%, Amber Boardman, JD Reforma, Kate Mitchell, Min Wong, Sara Morawetz, & Will French who will present works illustrating different perspectives on success, failure and the absurdity of seeking impossible perfection.

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