Geometric Asylum

2 November - 2 December 2017

Thresha, Lachlan Anthony, Kinetic Sculpture 200 × 155 × 40 cm Stainless Steel anti-pigeon spikes, bbq spit motor with skewer, mounting brackets steel, aluminium, enamel, electrical cable, shot bags. 2015-16.

A solo exhibition of works by Lachlan Anthony

Geometric Asylum presents a series of sculpture and installation works that explore relationships between space, power and control. Hostile architectures, deterrent physical forms and automated kinetic systems are strategically deployed to place limitations on movement within the gallery space.

This establishes a spatial politic that challenges the viewers right to space and subjective agency to reflect upon similar incidences of human exclusion and spatial inequity manifesting in the built environment. Cumulatively, this exhibition examines the shifting definitions of pestilence, otherness and belonging that are produced by the structural violence of neoliberalism as it is encoded in forms that feature in our streets, parks and public spaces.

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Getting to: Verge Gallery

Jane Foss Russell Plaza
City Road, Darlington, University of Sydney Union
Sydney, NSW 2006

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