What kids like

Photos of children dressed up as superheros

Superheroes visit the Australian National Maritime Museum

What kids like

Just recently, we talked to a bunch of preschoolers to see what they said about museums. We were wondering if kids like museums … read some of their comments below to find out!

Review of Rescue at the Australian Maritime Museum

'I’ve been to the Maritime Museum with my Mum and saw the rescue museum. I think the best was the ball ocean. They have a ocean of blue balls there and you have to get rescued into a raft.'

Liam, 4.

‘There’s a cannon what points up and the balls go “SHA-POW”. It’s pretending it’s the water. I sat in a jetski and a rescue helicopter and they were real.’

Oscar, 4.

‘I went to the submarine and went down some stairs and under the water it had a steloscope so you could see under the water without getting on your swimmers.

And I got a soft drink at the shop!’

Gully, 4.


‘I went to the submarine and went down some stairs and under the water it had a 'steloscope' so you could see under the water without getting on your swimmers.

 What the kids say about … the Powerhouse Museum

‘I went to the Powerhouse Museum where I saw a train. I like wheels so that’s my favourite museum. I go there with my Dad. There were pretend people sitting in the carriage. They looked funny.’

Oscar, 4.

‘At the Powerhouse Museum they had computers and ipads that worked and you were allowed to play games on them! I’ve been to a very fun place in a museum where you could dress up and play with stuff and hide.’

Tom, 4.

And this is what kids said about the Dinosaur Museum (aka the Australian Museum, but if you are under under 8, it’s always called the Dinosaur Museum)

‘I went to the dinosaur museum. It’s the only museum I ever went to. I didn’t like it when the lights went out and the dinosaurs roared. I saw animals that weren’t dinosaurs and I liked it because they had skin on but they weren’t alive. There was a play area there with plastic dinosaurs which weren’t scary.’

Gil, 4.

‘I went to the Dinosaur Museum in the city. Dinosaurs used to be real. At the museum I’ve seen a dinosaur statue in a trap. It roared.

I was really scared because of the roaring sound so I hid behind my mum. My brother was really brave. He’s only three but very brave.’

Hazel, 4.

‘I saw the dinosaur skeleton which was very big. There is something very scary in there though because the dinosaurs roar. I saw a giant brachiosaurus bone and it went ‘wrooark.’

Owen, 4.

‘There was a bird skeleton and they painted it white and they took some elephant skins and they painted white spots on a rock to look like seagull poo!

I made my own binoclears there and I spied things that were animals but they were dead now. There was a real egg at the museum I’ve been to.’

Hazel, 4

‘I saw they were in this tank, a very big tank and they were showing us sea animals and one sea diver.’

Theo, 4. 

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