#MuseumWeek 2019

Afrodita by Hernán Piñera via Flickr. #MuseumWeek logo

#MuseumWeek 2019 is a worldwide cultural event that takes place on twitter from 13 to 19 May, bringing together cultural institutions from all over the world based on the idea of “7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags”. It features various themes such as exploration, photography and play, but also the role of women in culture yesterday, today and tomorrow to mark #WomenInCulture Day, the high point of this sixth edition.

All you need to do is register on the website and post at least one tweet per day using the #MuseumWeek hashtag.

If you have been looking to get started on twitter it’s a great opportunity to leverage off an existing brand. Those of you who are already active tweeters can grow your twitter profile, gain new followers and promote your organisation.

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Discover the MuseumWeek 2019 hashtags in this video.

The hashtags MuseumWeek 2019  are:

May 13 #WomeninCultureMW

May 14 #SecretsMW

May 15 #PlayMW

May 16 #RainbowMW

May 17 #ExploreMW

May 18 #PhotographyMW

May 19 #FriendsMW